Pärnu Free School is a 9-class private school owned by parents, which operates according to the Estonian national curriculum. The school is inspired by Danish free schools, according to which the main keywords of everyday school life are experience, cooperation, freedom and a sense of security. In its activities, Pärnu Free School relies on the traditions of Estonian schools, as well as the views of Johannes Käisi and the Danes N. F. S. Grundtvig and C. M. Kold. Free school values ​​a sustainable lifestyle.

The mission of Pärnu Free School is to create opportunities for students to develop their abilities in a versatile way and for lifelong learning with the help of professional tutors.
a secure and collaborative school environment that values

Pärnu Free School is a general education school based on humane pedagogy, whose students, teachers and parents are self-directed and cheerful people.

An average of 160 children study at Pärnu Free School. The highest governing body of the school is the general meeting of the Pärnu Free School Society (parents’ meeting). Being a parent at a Free School is
responsibility and conscious support for the school in mind, word and deed. This is a school for all of us.

Each class has its own home class at Pärnu Free School. In addition, the school has a music class, a band room, a workshop, a library, a mobile computer class, a support room and a large
gym. In addition, Pärnu Free School has the opportunity to use the hall and other rooms of the Youth Center for teaching. After class, there are several circles in the school’s Creativity Center. Outdoor area
is fenced and safe, with an outdoor classroom, a sports field and a bicycle storage room.

The main goal of a free school is a conscious, healthy, creative and happy person.


Members of the free school community – students, teachers, school staff, parents and alumni – create and maintain
a common space of values ​​that ensures a favorable social and spiritual learning environment for the development of each learner.

A free school wants to bring children and parents into a common community with the school, but at the same time respect the values ​​and freedom of each individual. We do everything we can to make our children feel safe and secure at school
as a significant part of the community. Experience, love and security are the keywords we have been following for 25 years and has been an important indicator in creating a learning environment that values ​​healthy choices
and creativity.

As a community, we value our people’s open-minded and fair attitude towards each other, their ability and willingness to create their own a supportive and attentive atmosphere and the courage to take responsibility through personal example and commitment. Bullying is not acceptable in any form at school. To develop social interaction and for everyone To create an equal and friendly learning environment for students, there are cell phones during school hours and breaks use limited.

We want to fill the circle of parents of a free school with people who keep the same value space as the school, are open and cooperative. She is the parent of the Free School for her child the greatest supporter who cares for and respects his or her child even in the most difficult stages of becoming a balanced and harmonious adult. It is very important that all families who bring their children to our school respect the existing community and the responsibilities that come with it.

The teaching is aimed at developing the child’s imagination, feelings and awareness. Following the example of adults, teachers and parents, we encourage openness, entrepreneurship, goodwill and responsibility in our students. We encourage them to value the environment, healthy lifestyles, but also the Estonian state, language and culture.

The whole idea of ​​the Free School is to have confidence in one’s school choice, the Free School and the teachers, and the belief that the trusting co-operation between the school staff and the parents brings out and develops their best in terms of acquiring knowledge and developing their personalities.